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Denise Obray, CMT

Denise Obray, CMT

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Denise Obray, Certified Massage Therapist in Auburn California, has been working with a variety of communities, helping people for over 30 years.  She is a compassionate and dedicated therapist who holds space for healing with each of her clients. For over 18 years she was a business owner who provided sign language interpreting services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities throughout the nation. After becoming a Certified Massage Therapist, Denise was drawn to CranioSacral Therapy and helping people heal with the distinct light-touch techniques taught by The Upledger Institute and welcomes all clients, including those  experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

After working with many clients, Denise realized grief is a prevalent emotion that continues to show up in many peoples lives. She became certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist through The Grief Recovery Method Institute and facilitates Group and One on One Grief Recovery Sessions. Denise is also is a NLP Motivational Coach Practitioner, Empathetic Touch Practitioner, has completed courses in Massage for People Living with Cancer, and is a member of ABMP and California Certified Massage Therapist. Denise also has compassion and love for horses.  She is certified in Equissage Equine Massage Therapy and has studied under The Masterson Method – Beyond Horse Massage.  Her knowledge and years of experience give her the unique opportunity to work with horses and their owners. Using the same light-touch therapy, results are remarkable. She teaches horse owners how to develop these skills so they too can improve overall communication and connection with their horse.   


“I initially schedule a CraniaSacral Therapy and Integrative Massage appointment with Denise Obray…just as a “treat” to myself.  I also mentioned that a decade’s old shoulder injury had recently returned leaving me unable to do simple things like write or hold a book for any length of time  The first two treatments were relaxing and comforting.  I expected the same of the third session.  Instead, I was amazed!  I left the office without a hint of pain, and have been pain-free for the nearly two weeks since!” –Layne Hackett, Auburn CA

“My first experience with a craniosacral massage was deeply relaxing, and I felt very restored after the experience. Thanks Denise for taking the time to talk me through the process before we started. I’ll be back” -Amanda P., Auburn CA

“Had my first session of cranial sacral with Denise and had a perfect experience!  It has been over a week since my session and I’m still feeling an over all positive effect on my mood and well being.  I have my second appointment schedule and can’t wait.  I would highly recommend Denise to anyone.” – Kim B, Auburn CA