Mamas Medicine Cabinet

Mama’s Medicine Cabinet

As part of our December 2017 Grand Re-Opening Extravaganza we will be giving away ANY ONE ITEM from Mama’s medicine cabinet with every gift certificate and massage sold!

Hello! We are happy to open our new store, “Mama’s Medicine Cabinet” on Etsy and at our Auburn location!  These products are crafted with love and great joy.  99% of the herbs I use grow within a few yards of home. Some are cultivated and some are wild ones you may think of as weeds! Harvesting, drying and infusing herbs in organic olive oil has become my favorite hobby and has naturally evolved to making home remedies for friends and family over the past five years.   I am now so happy to offer them to a wider community. Auburn area pick up can be arranged! Call 530-906-8668



Nurture & Soothe “Udder Butter” ($10) To soothe and nourish nipples while breastfeeding your baby. Also good for baby’s bottom and stretch marks

Ingredients: Organic olive oil infused with calendula, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil & Vit. E

herbal salve auburn ca udder butter


Skin Repair all purpose healing Balm ($8) For bites, bruises,rashes and other skin irritations

Ingredients: Organic olive oil infused with calendula, comfrey and plantain (home grown and wild-crafted!) beeswax, Vitamin E & beeswax.herbal salve auburn ca skin repair


Herbal Balm to support breast health ( $10 )

May help with overall breast health support and breast massage. Ingredients: organic olive oil infused with calendula, plantain, *pokeroot & pine, & beeswax. *pokeroot should not be used during pregnancy & should not be used consistently for more than 2 weeks

herbal salve auburn ca balm for breast health


Nourishing Body Butter ($7)

Our signature massage product! A pure and simple blend of organic coconut oil & shea butter perfect for massage and deep moisturizing

herbal salve auburn ca body butter