Intuitive Massage and Bodywork: The Winding Road to healing

Intuitive Massage and Bodywork: A Winding Road to Healing “Well, that was a hoot!” *Joan said as we wrapped up her first session with me.  She gave no other indication of how she felt about the work before she paid my fee and left. She did not reschedule and I did not know if she had gotten much out of the treatment.… Continue reading Intuitive Massage and Bodywork: The Winding Road to healing

Loving up the Ladies

Breast Cancer, Breast Love, and everything in between I’m considered high risk for breast cancer and a few weeks ago I (reluctantly) heeded my doctors advise to finally go and get a mammogram for the first time in over five years.  As I imagine many women are, I was absolutely terrified about this decision. Having your breasts… Continue reading Loving up the Ladies

September is my Favorite Month

Why is September my favorite month in Auburn? I love sleeping with the windows open and it’s chilly enough for a comforter. I love returning to the rhythm of the school year. I love that fun events start happening at Live Oak Waldorf school  I love that clients come back to their regular bodywork schedules… Continue reading September is my Favorite Month

Craniosacral Work

I am honored to now offer Craniosacral work in Auburn CA By witnessing the healing journeys  of my clients and myself, I am learning that being fully present with what is happening is the fastest road to recovery. CranioSacral Therapy is a very gentle form of bodywork known for it’s deeply relaxing effects. It is said to… Continue reading Craniosacral Work

Happy Birthday Leos!

  “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin During this special month of your birth I’d like to give you a… Continue reading Happy Birthday Leos!

Pregnancy Massage in Auburn

Birds, Bees & Babies! Planning a little Spring Fling? Or perhaps you or someone you know had a extra warm and cozy winter! In any case, I’m excited to announce this Spring’s special offer, designed to celebrate the birds, the bees and the  babies! This spring enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating 75 minute pregnancy massage in… Continue reading Pregnancy Massage in Auburn

Why Choose Board Certified?

Board Certified Massage Therapist in Auburn California Board Certification is the highest voluntary credential attainable in the massage therapy and bodywork profession with a distinct level of achievement beyond entry-level licensure—including completing more education, hands-on experience, and a background check. I’ve met the following requirements for national board certification. Pass the BCETMB exam 750 hours… Continue reading Why Choose Board Certified?

Can I get a Witness?

My first glimpse of Lake Tahoe at sunset took my breath away. Although I live relatively close by, I’d never before approached the lake from the East and it was stunning. On this particular day, I was driving home from a craniosacral training near Reno, Nevada and was excited to see Lake Tahoe on my way. I… Continue reading Can I get a Witness?

Awaken your Senses Today

Today, of all days, is a day to awaken your senses. Drop whatever you are doing and go outside, and feel what you feel.  Transitions are potent and rich.  Something has changed, and our bodies respond intensely,  if we are paying attention. Today, the weather has changed. The air has cleared. A deep, full breath feels fresh and cool,… Continue reading Awaken your Senses Today