Awaken your Senses Today

Today, of all days, is a day to awaken your senses. Drop whatever you are doing and go outside, and feel what you feel.  Transitions are potent and rich.  Something has changed, and our bodies respond intensely,  if we are paying Delight in your Sensesattention.

Today, the weather has changed. The air has cleared. A deep, full breath feels fresh and cool, a healing balm after the smoke and heat. There is water in that air, and as you stand outdoors you may feel tiny droplets floating onto your skin. What else do you feel, hear or sense?

When you return indoors you may put on a pair of socks, and maybe you haven’t worn socks all summer. The fabric feels soft, a welcome warmth after the cool outdoors. There is so much to notice.

Today, in this transition day between warm and cool, dry and wet,  there is an easy awareness, a doorway into presence that is open wider than it is when things are the same day after day. I invite you to take advantage of this time. Invite your senses to delight you, to awaken you to all the wonder in this amazing day.

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