Loving your Beautiful Self

Love is in the air, and most important of all is loving your beautiful self!

Daily habits of self love and care are the secret to maintaining our health: body, mind and spirit! Too often our culture tells us we must go buy something expensive or eat something decadent to show love. Here are three alternatives that may be a bit healthier for your body, (and your bank account).

1. Take a salt bath. Epsom salt or sea salt will do just fine. Run yourself a hot bath tonight with 1/2 cup of salt. Don’t forget to light a candle, and a few drops of lavender oil if you have it. Salt baths can soothe tired and sore muscles and aid in detoxifying the body. But let tonight’s bath just be for pleasure and the therapeutic benefits just an added bonus.

2. Give yourself the gift of five minutes to do absolutely nothing. Sit in your favorite chair (or on your yoga mat or in the garden or wherever feels good) and simply be. Observe your breath, the sensations of your body, the air in the room, or whatever comes up. This precious five minutes will add energy to your day.

3. Enjoy a natural love drug (touch). Touch produces Oxytocin, the love hormone your body makes for you! You can ask a partner or friend for a foot or hand rub, or even just a hug! If you’re having alone time right now, it feels heavenly to use gentle compression up and down your legs, like a cat would do if it were walking on you! You can also call and make an appointment for professional bodywork to experience a full hour or more of loving, therapeutic touch.

Above all else, be grateful to yourself for all the little things you do each day to nourish and sustain your life. Love yourself!

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