I contracted with Jessica to bring the online presence of my Chinese medicine practice to the next level. She looked over what we currently had in place and made some significant improvements to our efficiency, security and marketing. Jessica is wonderful to work with, and I would gladly hire her again.

Linnie O’Flanagan, L.Ac., One River Medicine, A Humble Path

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I have been working with Jessica for a few years. She has a talent for taking my ideas and making them presentable for the online community. She is always professional and prompt. I feel fortunate to have her skills at my disposal.

Heather Perry, DC Healing Hands Wellness Center, Auburn CA

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I highly recommend Jessica for anyone who wants bodywork whether it is massage or craniosacral. Her intuition, grounded presence, and quiet patience allows the body to unwind on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels and opens the door wide for healing and balance. A truly deep healing experience.  ~Heidi Hook, ND Auburn CA

I have known Jessica for a long time. She is both intuitive and wise in her approach to bodywork.  My experience of her cranial-sacral treatment was one of profound relaxation and unexpected insight. I heartily recommend Jessica to everyone.

Susan Whitaker, Owner of Canyon Spirit Yoga Center

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Jessica’s approach to massage has a healing effect on all aspects of my being: mind, body and spirit. When I get to her table, my body is taken into deep healing state that is beyond words. Seeing her regularly has an incredible impact on my emotional wellness and mental health as well. I love watching how the ease I cultivate through working with her positively impacts my marriage, my children and my relationships. I highly recommend working with Jessica. She is a gifted healer who embodies the light and allows it to guide everything she does. 

Erin Alexander

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Jessica’s craniosacral treatments have transformed my son’s temperament, and enabled him to move through frustrations with grace. Just a few months ago, before starting treatments, he was unable to attend school due to frequent out-of-control meltdowns. But with every session he has become more and more relaxed and able to navigate stressful situations, catching himself before losing control. I love seeing him during his sessions, still, peaceful, happy, and deeply relaxed.I feel like I have my sweet baby back. 

Alison Kenyon, Grass Valley CA

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Jessica Gutierrez of Awaken Integrative Bodywork is my primary go to person for healing. I am a professional strength and conditioning coach for athletes at the highest levels. I also teach exercise to regular folks in many different settings, including people who may be injured or even require full time care. I send people who are stuck in their healing process to Jessica to get well. Her success rate is excellent. Jessica has treated my 7 year old son for anger and mental focus issues. After a session with Jessica he is laser focused and even tempered. There is a long term effect as well. Jessica has also fixed my mysterious foot injury that was unresponsive to many attempts at healing over two years. Jessica continues to be a sort of cranio-sacral “medic,” fixing whatever is ailing me. I compete in a number of brutal strength sports including Scottish Highland Games and Strongman Sport. At age 55 I must plan carefully to succeed and survive. I have found that a treatment from Jessica a day or two before competition gives me a powerful advantage, a feeling of energetic presence in my own body. The most important thing is the way Jessica heals my students, where many healing modes have fallen short or failed entirely. I have complete confidence in Jessica and Awaken Integrative Bodywork.

– Eric Kenyon, Grass Valley CA


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“My experience with Jessica is that she is a highly skilled intuitive healer. I recommend her for anyone looking for a relaxing rejuvenating healing experience for mind body and soul.”~Nicky M. Grass Valley, CA

“Jessica is amazing! She is a truly gifted healer. I have had both massage and cranial sacral therapy and would highly recommend either. Jessica is thoughtful, timely for her appointments and exceeds all expectations. She is very thorough in getting a clear understanding of what is problem areas you wish her to focus on, but also is extremely intuitive. When she is done you will be in a “ZEN” like state.” ~Sheryl Barney, Auburn CA

“My 6 year old daughter is having chronic migraines. We are attempting to treat her without big scary prescriptions. Finding Jessica is a total blessing! She instantly made my daughter feel totally comfortable, and fully explained everything. I get the sense that my daughter felt Jessica was more like a friend trying to get to know her than anything else. My daughter didn’t want to leave, and can’t wait to return. Both to see Jessica herself, and for her AMAZING cranial sacral therapy. Do NOT wait to schedule. I should have started with Jessica months ago.”

-Beth , Reno NV

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“I received a Craniosacral body work session from Jessica yesterday.  My session was deeply transformative, restful, and rejuvenating. I literally felt tension dissolving out my body. I left feeling pain free, more grounded, and with an elevated sense of wellness and ease. Jessica was very attentive and professional in her intake process and throughout our entire session. If you are looking for an outstanding body worker, Jessica is ideal.  She is impassioned about her work, is constantly educating herself in the field, and has a caring and compassionate heart. I highly recommend her.” 

~Karen Wright, Auburn CA

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Jessica! I have had a LOT going on and she was able to hone right in on what was bothering me. I could feel the tension leaving me as she worked. I feel so much more balanced. She used various techniques and tools which made it the perfect experience. I was able to relax like I haven’t relaxed in years! I will definitely be going back as well as recommending her to everyone I know!

Emma C., Auburn CA

Jessica is AMAZING! I’ve had several 90 minute bodywork sessions with her and can say she is truly wonderful. She helped ease my pain through her intuitive and gentle techniques. Highly recommend!!! 

~Maureen P, Meadow Vista, CA

I brought my daughter to see Jessica for Cranial Sacral work due to some sensory processing challenges.  My daughter can be very nervous and/or shy also. Jessica was just great with her!  She was very patient, calm, soothing and focused on giving my daughter the experience she needed. At first before the appointment started, she said she didn’t want to go, but afterwards, she asked when she could come back for another session.

~Stacy L, Auburn CA

“Healing and Nurturing are the descriptive words that first come to mind when reviewing a cranio-sacral session with Jessica. Using her empathic gifts, Jess and her healing hands have a ‘knack’ for tapping into the root of the problem whether it be physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual. I can confidently recommend bodywork with Jessica as a responsibly wonderful good choice in self-care. In an hour, the release and relief I felt in my back was most definitely noticeable. Thank you, Jessica!”

~Deborah N. Auburn CA

“I want to share that I had the most incredible hour-long massage and cranio sacral session at Awaken Integrative Bodywork today, and feeling more balanced, stress-free and present than I have in months! So very grateful to you, Jessica, you have healing gifts!”

~Theresa H. Auburn CA

“…Finally figured out how to listen to my body!…”

~Jessica L. Auburn CA

“Jessica provided a deep and subtle relief that eased my pain. Her space was a calm,safe welcoming sanctuary and felt quite removed from the hurry and hustle of life; timeless and soulful . I felt deeply heard and respected. Very peaceful experience. I will be back!!!”

Laura W. Auburn CA

A couple years ago I went for a prenatal massage at Awaken and it was exactly what I needed to ease my hip pain. So I decided to return for massage to help my shoulder pain after carrying my now toddler so much. I was afraid the moderate pain in my shoulder would turn into something much worse. I was very happy I went to see Jessica because the pain is gone! 

Jessica creates a warm, welcoming environment. She is easy to talk to and really listens to my issues to get to the heart of the problem. She was able to gently find the areas of my shoulder that needed help and in just a few sessions I was remarkably better. This was the jump start I needed to heal completely.

I strongly recommend seeing Jessica for your body work needs.

~Nicole S, Auburn CA

I had the best cranial sacrial work done by Jessica. I’m prone to migraines and had unrelenting tightness in neck and shoulders which was incredibly released. Also working thru early childhood complex trauma, I was open and Jessica continuously met me right where I needed her, it was a magical healing experience. Thank you Sunshine’s Healer Friend!

~Mary B, Auburn CA

Jessica was great providing cranial-sacral therapy. She is very professional and explains her method as she goes. I feel some improvement and know I should get back to see her soon.  ~Sandy S, Auburn CA

I’ve been to several massage therapists over the last three years. So I’ve been able to experience a range. Awaken was warm, welcoming & very comfortable. The atmosphere is inviting, the physical building is small but very cute. The massage therapist was very interested in what I needed and what my boyfriend was looking for in his massage (for we received a couples massage). The physical tables and pillows for the face rest were very comfortable, I’ve been to some places where they do not have very comfortable equipment. Over experience was fantastic! The massage was just what I needed. I will for sure be going back.

~Blaire B., Roseville CA

One word…. AMAZING!!!!!
Jessica has been my massage “guru” for a while now, but I have had the pleasure of Shannon’s artful touch recently both in deep tissue and my first Thai Massage. What skillful, thoughtful, and caring souls they both are. A office of warmth welcomes you….
Jessica’s Cranial Sacral treatments are SO POWERFUL and grounding. She is able to create that balance in life that we are all trying to accomplish. Her intuition is truly spot-on. Let her read/feel your body. Her intuition, along with your input makes you the client more aware of your own bodies needs. “Listen” and your body will answer.  Shannon is PURE DELIGHT. Her deep tissue massages are very artfully placed “into” your body in a way that when you leave the table you are less stressed, less tense, but energized in a way that is subtle. Her giving to the client in her massage technique is definitely unique and once you experience it, it will be something that you look forward to again. To describe a Thai Massage is like being enveloped in a warm strong embrace that soothes the soul and stretches out those kinks in all those nooks and crannies we all seem to carrying around with us. Her LOVE of her massage is evident in her delivery to you the client.~J.Q, Auburn CA

My body drank deeply from this sacred well of healing arts.  Thank you, Jessica & Shannon! -Alan S. Grass Valley, CA

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I’ve had a massage from both Jessica and Shannon and they are both fantastic . Both are gentle souls that are truly masters of their craft . I wholeheartedly recommend them for a massage !! ~Bob B, Auburn CA

“I had been looking for a good massage therapist  for quite some time without  any luck,when a good friend of mine recommend  Jessica.  I treated my self to her Valentines Day special and I Must say its the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I have found my new massage therapist !!!  She took the time to go over  all my concerns with specific areas of my body , That need attention and extra care, she is nurturing ,caring,grounded ,and very present.I rebooked before I left for next month, for an hour and a half  . So thankful for her gifted Hands and presences in the world!!!!” ~Denise G. Auburn, CA

“I got one of the best massages in my life from Jessica! The space is warm and comforting, richly decoratedand peaceful.  Jessica puts you at ease with her warmth and care that is obvious and heartfelt.  Then you get to really drop in and let go.  Perfect amount of pressure and amazing technique.  Can’t wait to go back!” ~Roy C., Auburn CA

“Jessica without a doubt is the best massage therapist I have ever had. Not only is she extremely professional she really listens to what you tell her about yourself and your body and tailors your massage that you know when she is finished was especially designed for YOU! I totally feel like a new revitalize person physically and mentally after my massage sessions with Jessica! I highly recommend her! So glad I found you Jessica.” Karen L., Auburn, CA

“Jessica is an amazing bodyworker. I feel fortunate to have found her. She is intuitive on so many levels. After receiving a massage from her I feel grounded, relaxed & peaceful. Thanks for being you Jessica.” –MB, Auburn, CA

“Jessica’s work is integrative: truly a catalyst in bringing health, harmony and healing to your inner being.” ~Susie K., Alaska

“Jessica has definitely helped me, her magic hands brought my body back to some normalcy, and helped my well being, thank you Jessica” ~ ‎Ginny C.‎, Auburn, CA

“We have been receiving regular massages from Jessica for several years, and she has the uncanny ability to sense that PRECISE part of the body that needs special attention. I have long been plagued by lower back stiffness and discomfort, and Jessica’s massages have definitely helped mitigate that condition”.~Mike B & Dani C, Colfax, CA

“Jessica works on my upper back and shoulders periodically to work out the knots that develop from working at a desk all day. Her hands intuitively know just the right pressure to relieve the stress and release the knots. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a deep tissue or sports massage.”~GL, Auburn, CA

Massage and Bodywork Auburn CA

“Jessica reads bodies- at least mine! I had my first body work treatment last week and I made my follow up appointment right then. Jessica is very insightful and was able to relieve neck and shoulder pain that I have been living with for awhile. I’ve had many massage treatments in my life but body work is different. Her technique addressed a deeper level of stress and I came away feeling relaxed, yet rejuvenated as well. Thank you, Jessica.”  ~Nancy V, Meadow Vista, CA

Massage and Bodywork Auburn CA

“Jessica’s massages reset my nervous system better than any yoga class or meditation. Putting yourself into her hands is such a treat. You leave feeling relaxed and well cared for.” Heather D., Auburn, CA

“I am grateful to have had the experience of receiving bodywork from Jess. I found her to be a deep listener, sensitive, loving, and responsive to my needs. At the end of our time together, I feel supported and refreshed physically and emotionally.” ~ EG, Auburn, CA

“I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism that Jessica provides.  Her ability to recognize the areas needing attention are exceptional.” ~Joel Z. Foresthill, CA

“Just got a wonderful massage from Jessica today. Her hands found all the right points and really opened up my upper back in a whole new way. I haven’t felt so relaxed in ages! Thank you!” ~LM- Auburn, CA

“Jessica has intuitive hands, a healing touch and an open spirit. I leave her table always a better person than when I walked in; physically, mentally and spiritually.” ~KW – Auburn, CA

“I have had several bodywork sessions with Jessica Eskelson, and she is superb. Great hands, great energy, great person. I recommend her very highly. She’s one of the finest bodyworkers I’ve ever had a session with.” ~Erik Olesen, MS, MFT Author, Psychotherapist, and Neurofeedback Trainer

“I so look forward to my sessions with Jessica. She is clinically skillful  as well as intuitive, a great combination. I love when she uses essential oils to enhance the work.” ~Denise Finch, Auburn CA

“I look forward to my 90 minutes with Jessica – time well spent!” -Denise Tomczak, Auburn, CA

“Jessica gave me prenatal massages 1-2 times per month throughout my entire pregnancy. As a result, I had no lower back pain (even towards the end), which most pregnant women experience. She is also extremely knowledgeable on the body and really knows what she’s doing whether you are pregnant or not. I continue to see her and now she helps me with my back aches from carrying a growing child! I highly recommend her!” ~Amber Kocal, Auburn, CA

Jessica delivers a most fabulous massage! She embodies intuitive touch – her hands seem to know just where to go and what to do and what pressure for the entire length of the massage! She exudes joy and calm and trust from the second you walk into her nourishing space. Her positive mood permeates the experience, only adding to the pleasure, relaxation and release of stress and tension. I recommend her VERY highly! My only complaint is that everyone else loves her too and I can’t have her all to myself!! :)~ Sonika Tinker, MS, Meadow Vista, CA

I drag into the office for my massage.  Jessica soothes my tired aching muscles.  She has a knack for finding tender spots that I am not even aware of.  I would like to say that I walk out of the office feeling energized and refreshed, but the truth is that I am so relaxed that I can hardly make myself move from the massage table.” – Janet McMartin, Auburn, CA

“I have had the privilege of calling Jessica my massage therapist for almost a year now.  I have, through the years sought out the assistance of a massage therapists and I find many things exceptional about my experience with Jessica. First, she is modest and respectful of her client’s modesty.  This immediately puts you at ease.  Then, she is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. In the past, I could expect a massage to pretty much be the same each time. With Jessica, I swear she finds new muscles to work each session.  I am currently confined to a wheelchair and I sought her assistance in helping me to move and stretch areas I could not currently do on my own.  I find that with her help, I have increased my flexibility and range of motion.  Highly professional would be another two words to describe Jessica.  Many therapists I have visited in the past have used the sessions to unload their life’s burdens.  With Jessica, you do not get that mental dump. Instead, the focus does remain on you.  It’s a session focused on your breath, your comfort, your experience and your growth.  It isn’t surprising that with such a focus one can become aware of things that one may need to clean up in one’s mental house.  Relaxing, you find, means letting go. In the quiet of your breath you can end up discovering things from within that also need addressing, thus making this quiet and focused time not only relaxing, but empowering as well. I really wish all my friends and family could experience her gifts and talents.” KK Grass Valley, CA

“I am an RN who looks forward to visiting Jessica for my massage not only to relieve my chronic back pain (a result of my job) but also the pain in my arthritic hands.  My experience has always been without stress and is very relaxing and therapeutic.  I look forward to my visits knowing that I can achieve relief.”!~P.C. Auburn CA

“Jessica is the best. Whenever I am in Sacramento I make it a point to make the drive to see her for an appointment: it’s absolutely worth it. She is an expert at therapeutic relaxation and for someone like me who bears the result throughout my body of spending hours in front of a computer, one appointment with Jessica works wonders. Tension in my shoulders, arms, upper and lower back, and stress overall just melts away. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage practitioner to visit on an ongoing basis. I can only imagine what the effect of being able to see her once a week would be.”Greg Bennick, Seattle WA – www.gregbennick.com

“I am grateful as I am beginning to learn how to relax! I am new to massage therapy and have found it beneficial in learning how to breathe properly. Currently confined to a wheelchair, Jessica is able to work on me right in my chair! With all my clothes on !”~JK Grass Valley, CA

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