Massage Cupping Auburn CA

Massage Cupping Auburn CA

Massage Cupping is offered by Brooke Poletti of Ritual Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork

In Brooke’s words:

“Massage Cupping is a variation of the traditional cupping methods used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The only difference is that I move the cups around in massage-like strokes instead of leaving them static as in the traditional methods. Cupping provides the polar action of massage… lifting and creating space, allowing fresh blood and nutrients to get into the muscle tissue where it maybe hasn’t been able to circulate very well due to stress and tight muscles. It helps to break up adhesions in the fascia and scar tissue, providing greater ease of movement and less pain.

Cupping draws inflammation and stagnation out of the soft tissue where the body’s natural circulatory system flushes it away. It can help relieve edema (excessive swelling) and it has a sedating effect on the nervous system. The suction from the cups also encourages collagen production in the skin, improving tonicity and it opens up the pores, allowing any oils or liniments to really penetrate deeper and more quickly into the muscles. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Massage cupping can be added to any massage or as a stand alone treatment. “