Athletic Performance and Recovery

therapeutic massage auburn caMassage for Athletic Performance and Recovery

Auburn California is a proud home to athletes who thrive on endurance and athletic mastery – from distance running to yoga and dance. We’ve been providing athletes, yogis, dancers, hikers, bikers and other active people with therapeutic massage in the beautiful sierra foothills for nearly a decade.

Strenuous, repetitive forces, injuries, accidents and illness can limit physical activity and rob you of the activities you love. Awaken therapeutic massage auburn CAIntegrative Bodywork can help you recover and restore the joy of living.

sports massage auburn ca


“Being an obstacle racer I need all the help I can get on pre-race weeks. Jess listens to the body, puts it all back together and I am ready to go three days later. Her massages are just as important to me as all the training.”~Alan H., Auburn CA