Workplace Massage

workplace massage

Workplace Massage

Transform your Auburn California workplace into a healing oasis, or pamper your guests at your next special event. Allow us to bring our luxurious massage chair onsite and create a relaxing, nurturing and therapeutic experience for your employees or guests. Even a ten or fifteen minute  chair massage  can provide significant benefits including stress reduction, mental clarity , and improvement in work performance.

Workplace massage is convenient and pleasant and will be a welcome addition to your Auburn California office or event. You will receive the massage fully clothed and feel refreshed and energized when you return to your daily tasks.  Chair massage is also deeply relaxing. The comfort of the chair combined with our therapeutic, nurturing touch, allows you to quickly and easily achieve a deep state of rest.  The positioning of the massage chair allows the muscles of the neck and shoulders to receive most of the work: perfect for those working at a desk all day.

Workplace massage rates start at $80 per hour, with discounts for regularly scheduled monthly and quarterly events.

Employee Gifts: For a widely appreciated holiday gift or bonus, consider gift certificates for 60 or 90 minute massages. We offer a 10% volume discount for 5-10 gift certificates, a 15% discount for 10-20 gift certificates, and a 20% discount for 20 or more gift certificates.


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